How to Make the Best Thai Massage in The World

Whether you do Thai massage professionally or by hobby, you will know that you can always improve. In this post I tell you the recipe to give the best Thai massage in the world.

A matter of definition
First of all, we should define what it means to “do the best Thai massage in the world”. You see, personally I believe that in order to achieve the best experience in the practice of Thai massage, we must be able to practice certain principles: reciprocity, creativity and adaptability

Reciprocity With this I mean that the act of doing the massage should benefit both parties in every way.

For example, if I have to highlight an element that makes me enjoy my cabinet work as a Thai massage therapist, this is the fluidity of movement.

If you manage to walk the client’s body with a slow and fluid cadence, you will feel as if you are “dancing” around the client. That will make you feel great, and, of course, help your client enjoy their massage.

How to Make the Best Thai Massage in The World

Also, if you manage to synchronize your breathing with the movements, you will relax, and transmit that same sensation to the receiver.

If we also count on you to keep your back straight and respect the rules of biomechanics, with each passive stretch, you will also stretch and benefit yourself.

As you see, in each case, the very act of performing the Thai massage, benefits both the giver and the recipient. That is what I mean by the principle of reciprocity.

Creativity I’ve never believed in unique sequences. That is, always do the same massage, from step 1 to 150, or have as many movements as possible.

It seems to me that sooner or later the time will come when the massage becomes so repetitive that it ends up boring. And if you bore the therapist, we would not be respecting the principle of reciprocity, and in addition, what kind of energy do you think the client would take?

That’s why I developed a system that I call “Thai Creative Massage”. With this system, I take the license to choose the set of techniques and maneuvers that are more suitable for my client (taking into account their size, sex, age, lifestyle, etc.), but also the type of techniques more effective for me.

Example: If we are on Monday, and have spent a wonderful weekend, rest and recreation, I will surely have a lot of energy for the first massage on Monday. Then, when my client arrives, I will see how he is and what he needs, and then I will massage with many maneuvers, and with a speed slightly faster than normal, to spend that excess energy that I may have.

On the contrary, if we are Friday at the last minute, and it turns out that I feel super tired because in the morning I went to train, and then I did a few massages, when my client arrives and after the interview, I will do a slower massage, With less maneuvers, and especially using your feet, to save energy. In this way I assure you that my client receives what he needs and at the same time I do not compromise my energy level.

In addition, using this system has the advantage that when creating different routines, doing a thai massage becomes something new and fun always. That is why in my classes I have developed a method so that my students can learn a lot of maneuvers, and encourage them to creatively construct their own sequences, as if they were dance pieces.

Creativity in the Thai massage is a fundamental piece to keep the enjoyment of your work, learn to create, and you will be creating new circuits in your brain, which will allow you to get the most out of the technique.

Camaleon It has enough to do with the previous point. In the beginning of creativity expressed this idea of creating different routines for different clients, and even for different states in which you are.

The principle of adaptability has to do with this, but also adapt the technique to the circumstances and conditions in which you are.

For example, there will be situations where you do not have enough space to stretch and move at your own pace. Do not let this be an impediment.

When I was taking my first steps in Thai massage, the classes I attended were crowded. We were literally crowded like sardines in the classroom, and we were constantly shocked.

However, this made me learn to work in confined spaces, and this was very useful when I had to pay my “right floor” when working on Royal Caribbean cruises, since at first they put me in the smaller cabinets.

If you are using your house as a cabinet and you do not have much space; It does not matter, do not let that be an impediment, never expect to have the necessary conditions to do a good thai massage (or whatever you want in your life).

Neither circumstances nor time should be an impediment. I know there are people who think they need to have an hour and a half or two to do a thai massage, I see it in many trainers, but I really do not think so.

There will be situations where you do not have that much time. I remember once that Lourdes, one of my first students told me that one day she was in a hospital watching over a relative. The situation, as expected, was quite tense, many relatives anguished and concerned about the health of their loved one, waiting for some news from the doctors.

But it turns out that Lourdes had not completed my training program in Thai massage yet, but had assimilated this principle of adaptability and decided to put it into practice. So without a word, she was sitting one by one with each of her relatives on the hospital waiting room stairs, and at one point she became the “queen of the palm-thumb-palm.”

And what is better, was able to transform, for a while, the lives of all those around her. With only 5 minutes of massage each, and located in an unorthodox place, managed to turn an atmosphere of tension, despair and sadness, into one of love, compassion and tranquility.

To that I mean the principle of adaptability, applying this principle you can give the best of yourself as long as it is necessary, there will be no limits because you can always adapt the technique to the situation you have in front of you.

In short, I think to make the best thai massage in the world, you should only:

1-Make sure the massage includes you. Ask yourself, this maneuver / stretching / posture, will it also do me good? Apply the principle of reciprocity.

2-Enjoy the most, get your most creative part. Tune the routine, strive to create a different routine every time you work, and then you will see that you can create without thinking about it. Apply the principle of creativity.

3-Adapt. If you have the tool, you have to apply it, do not expect to become the double of Dr. Shivago or have the perfect cabinet, apply the principle of adaptability and give the world the best you have in the time you have and in the place you do you have. My experience tells me that with patience, the most favorable conditions are usually approximated.

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