8 Ideas to Make Money Online Without Investing Anything

If you know how to write, you know how to make money online Content is like the fuel of the Internet. Only WordPress users post more than 347 entries every minute (that’s about 498,240 articles each day if you’re one of those who likes to calculate).And all this content, of course, needs to be written. And this is where you if you are (or want to) be a freelance writer, you play an important role.Although it seems that lately there are a lot of writers willing to charge ridiculous amounts to writing, there are also another large group of high-quality professional writers on the Internet.With this idea to make money online without investing, you will not get rich overnight, you can earn a decent amount to pay for your education in college or pay your bills comfortably.How to take this to the next level? Establish a web page with your portfolio (a catalogue space where you show some of your written texts) and ask for work directly in places such as blogs or article websites, and even writing agencies.if you are not good in writing skill you must try thisĀ rephrasing tool for writers that will improve your writting skill and save your time as well.


2. Do you have conviction power?

If you answered with a “yes” to this question, then go online marketing. The best way to make money online without investing is to become a bum marketer. And what is that? Simple: people selling products through free pages.Bum marketing is when you offer products on platforms such as Blogger or WordPress. It can be extremely lucrative if you know how to do it right, but it requires a good investment of time and effort.In addition, you have to follow the rules of free usage platforms, which can be quite strict on certain topics like making money, losing weight, etc.

8 Ideas to Make Money Online Without Investing Anything

This is because they attract people who want to spam like flies to honey.

How to take this to the next level? If you can invest a few pesos, buy a cheap domain name (it will not cost you more than $ 3), a hosting account, and start doing online marketing on your own website.


3. Stop telling your life on Twitter and do yourself a favour

Unless you’ve been frozen in a time machine, you’re sure to know the power of social networking. Only Facebook shares about 684,478 content publications per minute.So as you can imagine, you can make money online through social networks and turn them into a very lucrative business.Getting started on these platforms is as easy as creating a Facebook page/dashboard on Pinterest / Twitter accounts and sharing content on certain topics (say, for example, about weight loss).

Make money online without investing

As you build traffic (visits, followers, more “I like”) you can also share business links to earn money by selling products.Some services like Adf.ly also pay money for sending visitors through their links.How to take this to the next level? Create a blog and offer a free product to download in exchange for the email address of your readers. It directs the traffic of your social networks to your blog and builds a list of emails of possible clients.

4. Earn money just by listening!

This is an amazing idea to make money online without investing: listen to music! There are few people who do not like to enjoy good songs while earning money, and with this method, you can get it easily.On the web Slice the Pie you can listen to songs by bands or singers who want to release their albums to the market and to give your opinion on what you think the voice, melody, or lyrics, will pay you money while your ear enjoys the pieces.Slice the Pie is currently only available to residents of the United States.

How to get money online
Just register, select the genres of music you like and start listening to the songs that appear and give a score.Also, it is not necessary to listen to everything, only the first 30 seconds. The more opinions you make, the more money you’ll get paid for each song.The only problem is that you will need to write your opinion in English. But there are many users of this website who claim to earn more than $ 60 a month just listening to a few songs every day!

5. How to earn extra money with your passion

Do you know that you can turn your hobby or hobby into a real business and make extra money? Yes, you can and you will enjoy it in the process, and it will be so easy that you will regret not having done it before.
How to get money online

Just think of something you love to do, and be good at it. Do you know what it is? Then start selling what you do for free.Do you like physical exercise and do you know how to put someone in shape? Become a fitness teacher. Can you take a person 20 years retouching your photo with Photoshop? He teaches graphic design classes.

6. Become the teacher

Online education is growing today.The high cost of universities and the lack of skills in the real world of graduate students has made an industry flourish dedicated to teaching students from things like programming to productive skills.This market is valued at about $ 56.2 trillion in profits.Through platforms like Udemy (which has a version also in Spanish), anyone can become a free teacher. And it’s a great way to make money online without investing.All you need is your knowledge of a certain skill, a program (or software) for screenshots or videos, and an account at Udemy.There is no limit to what you can teach – programming, organising skills, writing techniques -.

Generally, instructors on this site usually charge between $ 10 and $ 30 per hour, so it’s a good idea to get a handful of students (instead of a single student) and so translate into a good amount of money.How to take this to the next level? Create multiple courses to cover all facets of that skill you teach. Start a web site to generate additional traffic and sell your Udemy videos there as well as educational ebooks to earn even more money.

7. How do I make money online if I only have my computer and an email?

If you are wondering if you can make money online without working hard, and having only a computer and your email address, the answer is yes, and the easiest method is to earn money with surveys.Many people think it is a waste of time, but with this guide to earn money with surveys, I assure you that you will start earning extra money in a very short time if you follow all the advice in it.
How to get money from home

I myself have spent years doing surveys, and organizing and knowing the best pages to make, I earn money that allows me to buy the clothes and books I want, and pay some groceries every month.Yes, you will not earn a salary like a full-time job, but what do you find it hard to give your opinion about something a couple of times a day, for about 10 minutes each time, and earn a little money at the end of the month For your whims

8. Publish eBooks

In August 2012, Amazon announced that eBooks (or eBooks) sold more than traditional printed books on its platform.It’s no surprise, but this means that this large volume of sales can be a tremendous opportunity to make money online.Nowadays you can publish a book (on Amazon or even on other websites) in a matter of minutes.With the right publicity (and the right quality too) you can become like Amanda Hocking, who at age 26 made 1 million dollars with her books.Making money online without investing is easier than ever. There are dozens of legitimate opportunities for someone with time, a little skill in something and dedication to make a few hundred dollars, to an income from a full-time job.And you, how to make extra money online? Are there any of these 8 ideas you did not know yet?

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