LG’s ProBeam HF80J Projector Helps you Watch Movies and More Anywhere

The LG laser continues with a new product that announces its commitment to the projector series. The ProBeam laser projector works with the webOS operating system just like LG’s televisions. Unlike most other projectors, LG’s ProBeam HF80J projector comes in a long and tall shape instead of a short, wide body. Even better, with its 2000 lumen lamp, it offers easy viewing in daylight, in most living rooms or meeting rooms. Only 2.1 kg. It will be easily transported everywhere with the weight.

Best of all, the webOS operating system is bringing this projector to the brink. Though it is debatable how intelligent TVs are useful and how users are involved in their daily lives, this smart projector allows you to send smart TV features wherever you want. You can then watch Netflix movies or series anywhere you want, or connect your smartphone to view photos or videos there.

ProBeam has an audio tool called “Sound Sync Adjustment”. This avoids the time slips that can be seen in wireless audio transmission with Bluetooth speakers and headphones. In addition, thanks to keystone corrections in the wide range of fans, it is possible to capture a perfect parallelogram, even if it is placed on the wall or screen in a very wide angle view.

LG probeam 2

LG has not yet announced the price of this new product or when it will come out for sale. However, we will have more detail on this product at CES to be held in the first week of January.

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