Is There any Harm of Massage Chairs to Kids?

When you buy a best massage chair and you use it in your home, your kids also want to use it. They become anxious to experience it because using a massage chair can be a novel experience for them. At this moment, you feel yourself in a dismay whether it is good for kids to use a massage chair or not? Is there any harm of massage chairs to kids? I have selected this topic to clarify this question and to make you clear-headed.

  • Let me tell you a grim reality that the kids also feel stress like you. When you take a massage on a regular basis, you will get relaxed and refreshed. In the same way, a massage session can stimulate your kids too. You should be well-versed with another reality that a continuous stress or depression produces cortisol that kills the immune cells of the body. Thus, the immune system becomes weaker. To prevent from this situation, provide with your kids a regular massage session.
  • The kids will consider it as a toy or gaming machine where they can sit and get a vibration in their whole body. They enjoy sitting on the vibrating massage chair without knowing deeper about it. So, the massage chair is a source of fun for them. In this session of fun, they get a proper massage therapy to benefit their immune system, cardiovascular system and muscles etc.
  • Let me tell you that Nationwide Children’s Hospital is providing the massage therapies to the kids to prevent different diseases. The kids with Cardio-Pulmonary problems like Asthma, ECMO, and transplantation of Lungs or Heart etc get the massage therapy on a regular basis to strengthen their cardio-pulmonary system.
  • The kids with cancer or bone marrow transplantation also get treatment along with the regular massage therapy to get rid of their problems. Moreover, the patients of Limb salvage are also treated by the massage therapy.
  • The massage therapy of the kids suffering from Hematology is an open secret. The kids with sickle cell disease get a massage on a regular basis.
  • Besides, you will find the children with neurology problems like the kids who received head injuries or have often migraine headache, etc are also treated with the massage therapy.
  • It is noted that “Bulimia” or “Rumination” can affect any kid in the same way as they can have an impact on a young person. When massage therapy was used for the cure of these patients, it created amazing results on them and they could feel themselves refreshed and healthier.
  • The kids with spinal cord injuries or orthopedic problems also can get a massage therapy on a daily basis. It can help curing all spinal cord injuries. You will see the difference in a short time period.

So guys! No worries if your kids want to use your massage chair. It can be hugely beneficial for the children in the same way as it can be helpful for the young people. Don’t stop your kids from using your massage chair to give them healthier bones, muscles and skin.

Are the Best Headlights for Night Driving

What are the Best LED headlights to drive at night? The most recommended headlights to drive at night are not always led or xenon. We explain to you the advantages and weaknesses of each of them so that you choose the one that suits you best.

Are the Best Headlights for Night Driving

Almost half of the 2,000 km a week I carry out by analyzing the test cars are at night and it strikes me that something as basic as the lighting is so neglected by the drivers, workshops and technical inspections. How is it possible that something as cheap and simple to have in order as is the headlight adjustment is not checked? The number of cars I cross (and even the test cars I’m analyzing) with poorly regulated lights is amazing.

The first thing we must be clear is that the best lighthouse and the most expensive one can imagine is useless if it does not illuminate the right area. Although headlights with led or xenon have automatic height correction systems, this system only varies the height of the headlight within a certain range. On the other hand, if the basic setting is already too high or low or left or right, the automatic corrector will not prevent you from just looking in front of the bumper or blinding the ones that go in the opposite direction.

Another factor that totally destroys the lighting of our headlights is the dirt and degradation of the “glass” (at present almost all are of plastic material, usually polycarbonate).

You already have the first two tips:

  • Check headlight adjustment accurately. It takes no more than half an hour of labor and the change is spectacular.
  • If your headlights are yellow or scratched, take them to polish and clean, nor does it usually cost more than 15 or 20 euros per headlight.

Best xenon headlights or led?

Now that we have already made it clear that the worst light in the market can illuminate better than the most expensive, simply with a good set-up and cleaning, we will see what advantages have the two systems that are currently proliferating.

Are the Best Headlights for Night Driving

First of all, we must clarify that a very white light is not the same as the amount of light. The color of the light is measured in degrees Kelvin. The whiter light is between 4,000 and 5,000 ºK. Above that range, the tonality turns blue and violet, while underneath it is more yellowish. It is not true that the greater the “temperature of light”, the better it is. The best light is in that range between four and five thousand degrees.

What measures how much light produces a headlamp is another magnitude that is measured in lumens or candles. Here the higher the number, the more light and better it is, but the regulation limits the maximum amount of light and, above 2,400 lumens, the automatic height adjustment system and headlight washers are mandatory.

In general, led lights have a paler or even bluish light than xenon, but less lumens. What’s more, some led headlamps give a whiter light, but actually illuminate less than others with conventional halogen lamps.

In my personal experience, only high-end, high-performance led lights are better than xenon and bi-xenon. In most cases, the headlights illuminate the road less brightly, although the light is whiter: the light track on the asphalt is smaller and the edges of the roadway and the shoulders are less visible. Another negative point for LEDs is that their white light produces more auto-glare in conditions such as fog, heavy rain or snow.

Above these headlights are the most modern with laser technology. They are certainly the best, but they are only available on long range headlights, not on dipped headlights, and for now only for very high-end vehicles.

Are Road Light Attendants Worth It?

Are the Best Headlights for Night Driving-2

There is a growing proliferation of so-called “road-assisting” systems. They are not as modern as we imagine, because Cadillac already mounted this system in some models of the sixties of last century with the bombastic name of “autrónico eye”.In those early systems, it was a photoelectric cell that, being illuminated by the headlights of another car, went from the long lights to the short ones automatically. It did not work very well, because it did not recognize the taillights of the car that could go ahead.

At present, the system has a camera located in the windshield that detects those lights and makes the passage of long to cross automatically. Their operation is just right and, although they are very comfortable, they fail quite in some conditions.

For example, trucks and buses traveling in the opposite direction will dazzle them, because their drivers sit much higher than their headlights and the camera does not detect them in time. Another weak point is the curves to the right. In them, our beam of light focuses more directly to the opposite lane, while those that come from the front illuminate more toward its shoulder than towards our lane. This makes the camera late in detecting them and switching to crossover, just when “fuller” we aim with our headlights.Personally I think it is a recommendable system but not essential and which still lacks enough progress to avoid dazzling the opposite traffic.

Did the best lead or directional matrix?

Since Citroen launched the second generation of the “Tiburón”, it was clear that the headlamps could turn with the steering was an important advantage, since the logical thing is to illuminate where we are going. Although this idea is more than 50 years old, it was not until about ten years ago when the steering headlights, which were more perfect and electronically managed, started to come back.

Basically there are three ways to illuminate the interior of the curves in the turns:

  • Actually directional headlights: the parabola is mounted on a pivot that allows its rotation by means of an electric servo. The headlight rotates into the curve as a function of the speed and movement of the steering wheel.
  • Additional directional headlights: either using the fog lamps or a reflector facing the inside of the curve, when turning the steering wheel (or when the turn signal is turned on), the light on that part of the headlamp is turned on.
  • Headlights matrix led: each headlamp has several leds that illuminate a specific part of the road. Depending on the speed, rain sensor data and steering wheel, the system decide which LED to turn on to illuminate the road in one way or another, with a wide beam and elongated at high speed, short and wide if it rains, etc. .

Those that work more homogeneously are the first. The matrix led are only effective in very high-end cars where transitions from one type of light track to another are made very smoothly. In the more economical systems, these transitions are very noticeable and tire the eye more.

Best headlights for night driving

In view of the above, in general features the headlights that best result to drive at night are the directional bi-xenon within the models at a reasonable cost. Of course, the best are the led matrix with laser road light of the most exclusive models, but are only within reach of a minority.

Reflections on the electric motors of the future

The design, location and integration of electric motors in vehicles is rapidly changing to achieve maximum efficiency without losing power and occupying as little space as possible.

Around 200 companies are engaged in the manufacture of traction motors for electric vehicles. By 2025 the electric vehicle business could move about $ 500 billion, of which $ 25 billion would be motoring. While battery technology seems to be lithium-depleted also for future motors you can check on this website, with some variations in the rest of the chemical components, the industry of electric traction motors is much more complex.

In some cases it is the engine manufacturers who perform the integration in the chassis, the adjustment with the rest of the components of the vehicle and the electronic suitability. In others, the manufacturers themselves carry out this operation. This feature opens up a range of possibilities that can significantly affect the final price of the traction system. Another completely different case is the specific motors for motorcycles and electric bicycles. The price of these vehicles has an important impact on their engines and components such as neodymium and rare earths.

Most pure electric vehicles still place the engine in the front bonnet, although the trend begins to change by bringing them closer to the wheels, so it is not uncommon to find motors on the axles and even on the wheels, releasing much space in the Interior of the vehicle while lowering the center of gravity and increasing power and torque. In the case of in-wheel motors, the disadvantage may be in the instabilities that can be caused by non-suspended masses whose movements are not damped by the suspension.

It is also common to find electric motors integrated in the transmission, especially in the case of hybrids where they are more efficient to obtain increase the energy when working together with the combustion engine. In some cases the electric motor is located near the combustion engine or the exhaust pipe so it is necessary to tolerate very high temperatures.

The requirements that these engines must meet are above all high energy efficiency and profitability. They require peak powers that sometimes reach twice the nominal and a very high torque that is maintained throughout the power range.

New Banks as a further Option for Real Estate Financing

Real estate financing is under a good star thanks to low interest rates. In addition to this, there is the growing field of offers. In addition to classic credit providers, new faces are currently being established on the market, which tackle the issue of finances from a special angle.

Beautiful, new real estate: financial market with noble ambitions

Sustainability has also reached the financial world. The focus is on new criteria for funding. Thus the ethics bank as a so-called ethical bank concentrates entirely on morally and idealistically acceptable business projects. Applicants are checked for specific criteria that make the bank’s concept very clear. That’s why one should never take money from banks to invest in real estate, you can buy properties in affordable prices if you go for a top rated realty Austin agent if you’re living in Austin.

Negative criteria include Entrepreneurs from the Sectors

Nuclear and coal-fired power, child labor, animal experiments, genetic engineering, and all violations of human rights.

On the positive side are projects that deal with climate change and environmental policy. In addition, the bank honors high social standards: those who are committed to workplace training, continuing education and equal rights in the company have good chances of obtaining approval.

As a result of the new banking models, construction financing can be just as sustainable as the property itself. This is also beneficial to residential property, for example when modernization or other costly work is planned. However, especially the energetic rehabilitation seems to be tailor-made for the sustainable criteria: the aim of the modernization is ultimately a better energy balance of the entire building. This corresponds to the government’s goals for energy recovery; Promotions in this area are therefore welcomed from the top and are often supplemented by additional resources.

Details decide on promotion

However, the project alone is not sufficient for an authorization. Banks like EthikBank would like to know in detail how the project is implemented. Ecological building materials with a seal of quality are therefore a key factor. The same applies to the use of regenerative energies or modern heating and ventilation circuits. And: even the consulting costs by qualified energy experts can fall into the promotion.

The interest rate shows the consequences of the ECB’s policy: depending on the funding criteria and the loan value, the annual interest rates are 1.2 to 1.6 percent – which is the same as for conventional banks. And as regards new buildings or new acquisitions, the modernization continues. Interest rates are also well below 2 percent. A loan sum of around 100,000 euros is therefore really affordable even over long periods of almost 30 years.

Other known options, such as interest rate fixing or a special right of repayment, are also available. Both additives are still recommended as they provide maximum safety and justify their cost in many cases.

Samsung Galaxy S7, Analysis: is It as Good As The Edge Version?

After analysing the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in depth, today it is the turn to the flat version, ie the Samsung Galaxy S7. As we could see in its presentation, this model has a complete size, so do not compete directly in this aspect, as it did last year with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.In essence, this Samsung Galaxy S7 is the same phone as the Galaxy S7 edge, saving the differences in size and type of screen. Here we have no curved edges, but a standard flat screen. Come on, the one of all the life. Then, we will tell you everything you have to know about the latest Samsung smartphone, do not miss it!

Samsung Galaxy S7, features and technical specifications
On the Samsung Galaxy S7, the screen stays at 5.1 inches, a size for many ideal not to be too large, not too small. The South Korean firm has been able to take advantage of the space well – 72% of the front is screen -, as we are accustomed, so the terminal barely exceeds 14 centimetres high. Of course, the panel also features Super AMOLED technology and Quad HD resolution, which in this case translates to no less than 577 pixels per inch.

Samsung Galaxy S7, Analysis is It as Good As The Edge Version

Of course, this is a premium terminal in every way, and that includes finishes and building materials, glass and glass and aluminium, so it offers the same quality as your brother with curved edges. Therefore, the sensations on the hand are very similar, although evidently, this model is somewhat more comfortable in the use, to be more compact.If we go inside, the chipset that gives life is the Samsung Exynos 8 Octa 8890, ie a powerful octa-core accompanied by the graphics unit Mali-T880 MP12 at 650 MHz. It is noteworthy that there is also a model with The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, but the Exynos is the one that we have analysed and the main model that is going to be sold worldwide. Next, to this chip, we have 4 GB of RAM with the latest technology in mobile, LPDDR4, and UFS 2.0 memory of 32 or 64 GB of internal storage, with the possibility of expanding it via microSD.

In the section on photography, we see an improved main camera compared to the previous generation Samsung Galaxy, thanks to a sensor of 12 megapixels and better aperture focal (f / 1.7). It incorporates Dual Pixel Sensor technology, optical image stabiliser, and dual LED flash. As for the front camera, we have a 5-megapixel sensor, with the same aperture as your rear camera.

The rest of the features are summarized in the latest software, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with TouchWiz as main actor, all kinds of connectivity, but still missing the FM radio as is customary in Samsung, and there is still no trace of the USB type- C, and a battery of 3000 mAh, 600 less than in the Galaxy S6 edge. We must also take into account extras such as water and dust resistance (IP68), the fingerprint reader or Always on Display, among other things.

Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system with Samsung TouchWiz
  • Super AMOLED 5.1-inch screen with both curved sides and protection Corning Gorilla Glass 4
  • HD Quad Resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (577 ppi)
  • SoC Samsung Exynos Octa 8890 (ARMv8-A, 14nm LPP)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (ARMv8-A, 14nm LPP)
  • CPU Samsung: 4 cores Exynos M1 Mongoose at 2.6 / 2.3 GHz + 4 cores ARM Cortex-A53 at 1.5 GHz (GTS)
  • Qualcomm: 2 Kryo cores at 2.15 GHz + 2 Kryo cores at 1.59 GHz
  • Samsung GPU: Mali-T880 MP12 at 650 MHz
  • Qualcomm: Adreno 530 at 624 MHz
  • Storage 32/64 GB UFS 2.0 expandable with microSD up to 128 GB
  • Main 12 megapixel cameras with f / 1.7 aperture, Dual Pixel Sensor, OIS and dual-LED technology. 5-
  • megapixel secondary with f / 1.7 aperture
  • Connectivity 4G LTE Cat.12 / 13, Wi-Fi Dual Band, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, GPS with A-GPS and
  • GLONASS, Micro-USB 2.0, USB Host, 3.5mm Jack
  • 3000 mAh battery with quick charging and wireless charging
  • Resistance IP68
  • Other Fingerprint reader, heart rate reader, Always on Display, Samsung Pay, liquid cooling
  • Dimensions 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9mm
  • Weight 152 grams
  • Starting price 719 euros

Price and availability
The official price of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is 719 euros, but in stores such as Amazon or eBay can already be achieved for less than 700 euros and even for less than 600 import.If you want an Android phone in less than 10,000 Indian rupees then I’d recommend you Xiaomi Redmi 3.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the perfect phone if you are looking for something compact and above all, a top of the range with all the letters. Here we lose the curves of the S7 edge, but for the rest are two drops of water. So if you like the S7 edge but you do not convince that feature, or want a smaller phone, this is the perfect alternative. And on top of that, it will not cost you that much.

Positive points

  • Camera: Without doubt one of the strongest points of this terminal. The whole photographic set, including rear camera, front and software, make it one of the best phones in this field, if not the best.
  • Performance: Simply spectacular, and it is that everything moves with an incredible ease.
  • Screen: The image quality is the best in the market, and in addition, the size is ideal for many users.

Bad points

  • FM Radio: A phone that has everything … minus the FM radio. Is it so hard for Samsung to incorporate it?
  • Slippery: We have noticed that it is a little more slippery than the Samsung Galaxy S6. With a little care, there is no problem, but it is not bad to notice.
  • Audio: It would not hurt to give a little more prominence to the audio by placing the speaker in a place that helps more to it, as in the front.

How to Make the Best Thai Massage in The World

Whether you do Thai massage professionally or by hobby, you will know that you can always improve. In this post I tell you the recipe to give the best Thai massage in the world.

A matter of definition
First of all, we should define what it means to “do the best Thai massage in the world”. You see, personally I believe that in order to achieve the best experience in the practice of Thai massage, we must be able to practice certain principles: reciprocity, creativity and adaptability

Reciprocity With this I mean that the act of doing the massage should benefit both parties in every way.

For example, if I have to highlight an element that makes me enjoy my cabinet work as a Thai massage therapist, this is the fluidity of movement.

If you manage to walk the client’s body with a slow and fluid cadence, you will feel as if you are “dancing” around the client. That will make you feel great, and, of course, help your client enjoy their massage.

How to Make the Best Thai Massage in The World

Also, if you manage to synchronize your breathing with the movements, you will relax, and transmit that same sensation to the receiver.

If we also count on you to keep your back straight and respect the rules of biomechanics, with each passive stretch, you will also stretch and benefit yourself.

As you see, in each case, the very act of performing the Thai massage, benefits both the giver and the recipient. That is what I mean by the principle of reciprocity.

Creativity I’ve never believed in unique sequences. That is, always do the same massage, from step 1 to 150, or have as many movements as possible.

It seems to me that sooner or later the time will come when the massage becomes so repetitive that it ends up boring. And if you bore the therapist, we would not be respecting the principle of reciprocity, and in addition, what kind of energy do you think the client would take?

That’s why I developed a system that I call “Thai Creative Massage”. With this system, I take the license to choose the set of techniques and maneuvers that are more suitable for my client (taking into account their size, sex, age, lifestyle, etc.), but also the type of techniques more effective for me.

Example: If we are on Monday, and have spent a wonderful weekend, rest and recreation, I will surely have a lot of energy for the first massage on Monday. Then, when my client arrives, I will see how he is and what he needs, and then I will massage with many maneuvers, and with a speed slightly faster than normal, to spend that excess energy that I may have.

On the contrary, if we are Friday at the last minute, and it turns out that I feel super tired because in the morning I went to train, and then I did a few massages, when my client arrives and after the interview, I will do a slower massage, With less maneuvers, and especially using your feet, to save energy. In this way I assure you that my client receives what he needs and at the same time I do not compromise my energy level.

In addition, using this system has the advantage that when creating different routines, doing a thai massage becomes something new and fun always. That is why in my classes I have developed a method so that my students can learn a lot of maneuvers, and encourage them to creatively construct their own sequences, as if they were dance pieces.

Creativity in the Thai massage is a fundamental piece to keep the enjoyment of your work, learn to create, and you will be creating new circuits in your brain, which will allow you to get the most out of the technique.

Camaleon It has enough to do with the previous point. In the beginning of creativity expressed this idea of creating different routines for different clients, and even for different states in which you are.

The principle of adaptability has to do with this, but also adapt the technique to the circumstances and conditions in which you are.

For example, there will be situations where you do not have enough space to stretch and move at your own pace. Do not let this be an impediment.

When I was taking my first steps in Thai massage, the classes I attended were crowded. We were literally crowded like sardines in the classroom, and we were constantly shocked.

However, this made me learn to work in confined spaces, and this was very useful when I had to pay my “right floor” when working on Royal Caribbean cruises, since at first they put me in the smaller cabinets.

If you are using your house as a cabinet and you do not have much space; It does not matter, do not let that be an impediment, never expect to have the necessary conditions to do a good thai massage (or whatever you want in your life).

Neither circumstances nor time should be an impediment. I know there are people who think they need to have an hour and a half or two to do a thai massage, I see it in many trainers, but I really do not think so.

There will be situations where you do not have that much time. I remember once that Lourdes, one of my first students told me that one day she was in a hospital watching over a relative. The situation, as expected, was quite tense, many relatives anguished and concerned about the health of their loved one, waiting for some news from the doctors.

But it turns out that Lourdes had not completed my training program in Thai massage yet, but had assimilated this principle of adaptability and decided to put it into practice. So without a word, she was sitting one by one with each of her relatives on the hospital waiting room stairs, and at one point she became the “queen of the palm-thumb-palm.”

And what is better, was able to transform, for a while, the lives of all those around her. With only 5 minutes of massage each, and located in an unorthodox place, managed to turn an atmosphere of tension, despair and sadness, into one of love, compassion and tranquility.

To that I mean the principle of adaptability, applying this principle you can give the best of yourself as long as it is necessary, there will be no limits because you can always adapt the technique to the situation you have in front of you.

In short, I think to make the best thai massage in the world, you should only:

1-Make sure the massage includes you. Ask yourself, this maneuver / stretching / posture, will it also do me good? Apply the principle of reciprocity.

2-Enjoy the most, get your most creative part. Tune the routine, strive to create a different routine every time you work, and then you will see that you can create without thinking about it. Apply the principle of creativity.

3-Adapt. If you have the tool, you have to apply it, do not expect to become the double of Dr. Shivago or have the perfect cabinet, apply the principle of adaptability and give the world the best you have in the time you have and in the place you do you have. My experience tells me that with patience, the most favorable conditions are usually approximated.

Very well, I hope these tips have been useful to you. If you liked the article, you can support my work with a “like”, or better yet, send the link to a friend related to these topics. If you are in Barcelona, please look at the column on your right, where you can find out about our on-site courses. Thank you and see you next time!

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals his Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he is working on an artificial intelligence system that will help him over home control in August. Zuckerberg, who shared the first details of the system in written form, explained in concrete terms how Jarvis works now with two videos he has published.

The first video makes it possible to understand some of the real tasks that Jarvis can theoretically do. Zuckerberg’s artificial intelligence assistant is the image of a cooler version of Amazon Echo. It can be said that the performance of Jarvis by Morgan Freeman is also effective in this case.

It is interesting to have an idea of ​​the current ending of Zuckerberg’s work, although it is stated that the system is not as functional as the first video. The CEO of Facebook is also asking for ideas from his followers on behalf of Jarvis.

Mark Zuckerberg had the artificial intelligence system inspired by Iron Man

Zuckerberg is also impressed by Iron Man when he develops his artificial intelligence assistant. Facebook CEO’s artificial intelligence assistant is also named Jarvis.

Although Zuckerberg’s Jarvis is not as talented as Tony Stark, he should not forget that it is more “real”. Videoda Zuckerberg’s attitude is humorous.

On the second video shared by Mark Zuckerberg is Zuckerberg’s wife Priscilla Chan’s comments on Jarvis. On this video Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice is heard as Jarvis’s original voice.

Fiction seems to be a little higher than the likelihood, but Chan says that living with Jarvis is strange to him first, but then he gets used to the situation.

Source: Facebook

LG’s ProBeam HF80J Projector Helps you Watch Movies and More Anywhere

The LG laser continues with a new product that announces its commitment to the projector series. The ProBeam laser projector works with the webOS operating system just like LG’s televisions. Unlike most other projectors, LG’s ProBeam HF80J projector comes in a long and tall shape instead of a short, wide body. Even better, with its 2000 lumen lamp, it offers easy viewing in daylight, in most living rooms or meeting rooms. Only 2.1 kg. It will be easily transported everywhere with the weight.

Best of all, the webOS operating system is bringing this projector to the brink. Though it is debatable how intelligent TVs are useful and how users are involved in their daily lives, this smart projector allows you to send smart TV features wherever you want. You can then watch Netflix movies or series anywhere you want, or connect your smartphone to view photos or videos there.

ProBeam has an audio tool called “Sound Sync Adjustment”. This avoids the time slips that can be seen in wireless audio transmission with Bluetooth speakers and headphones. In addition, thanks to keystone corrections in the wide range of fans, it is possible to capture a perfect parallelogram, even if it is placed on the wall or screen in a very wide angle view.

LG probeam 2

LG has not yet announced the price of this new product or when it will come out for sale. However, we will have more detail on this product at CES to be held in the first week of January.

Advanced Alternative HealthCare

If your child experiences recurrent ear infections, chiropractic can help by restoring normal drainage of the lymphatic vessels.

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Almost half of all children will suffer from at least one middle ear infection (otitis media) before they’re a year old, and two-thirds of them will have had at least one episode by age three. The symptoms of otits media include ear pain, fever, and irritability. If you look into the ear of a child who has otitis media, you will be able to see a buildup of fluid behind the ear drum, and the inside of the ear will appear inflamed. Look at today.

Otitis media is caused by either a bacterial or viral infection and frequently results from another illness such as a cold. For many children, it can become a chronic problem, requiring treatment year after year, and putting the child at risk of permanent hearing damage and associated speech and developmental problems.

Otitis media commonly emerges when there is improper drainage of the lymph system in the neck, or when the muscle that is supposed to keep bacteria or viruses from entering the eustacean tubes (the tubes in the back of the throat that lead to the inner ear) doesn’t work correctly. While both of these things can happen in adults, it usually does not result in an ear infection for two reasons: First, the shape and the length of the eustacean tubes are different in adults, allowing easier drainage and making it more difficult for a bacteria to invade. Second, adults tend to spend more time upright than young children do, which also encourages better drainage and decreases risk of infection.

In either case, the underlying root cause of otitis media is usually a mechanical problem. There is either a reduced or blocked drainage of the lymph vessels in the neck lymphatic chains that causes a build up of fluid in the inner ear, or a loss of normal function of the small muscle at the opening of the eustacean tube in the throat that allows bacteria and viruses from the mouth to enter the inner ear. Instead of treatment that tries to kill the bacteria or virus, a more natural approach would be to restore normal drainage of the ears and neck lymphatics. This is most effectively done through chiropractic.

Unfortunately, the current treatment of choice for medical doctors is to prescribe oral antibiotics, usually amoxicillin, which can be helpful to get rid of a bacterial infection. But, according to many research studies, antibiotics are often not much more effective than the body’s own immune system. And repeated doses of antibiotics can lead to drug-resistant bacteria.

Most people have heard about the common practice of placing ‘tubes in the ears’ to relieve the pressure, and therefore pain, of otitis media. During this surgical procedure, a small opening is made in the eardrum and a small tube is placed in the opening. This opening helps to relieve the pressure in the ear and prevents fluid buildup. After a couple of months, the body pushes the tube out and the hole closes. Although the treatment is often effective, it does not address the underlying cause of the infection, which is the abnormal mechanical functioning of the lymphatics, muscles and nerves.

tubes in the ears' to relieve the pressure
Image Source:

If your child experiences recurrent ear infections, it is important that you talk to your chiropractor. Doctors of chiropractic are licensed and trained to diagnose and treat patients of all ages and will use a gentler type of treatment for children. By helping to restore the normal function of the tissues of the neck, otitis media can usually be significantly reduced or completely eliminated in most children, without the use of antibiotics and surgery.

Relora Review; Does it really worth your money?

Relora is a dietary supplement for stress relief, general relaxation and stress related overeating and appetite control.

Relora normalizes the hormone levels responsible for stress-induced eating and stress-related body fat; thus, reducing stress related overeating. 74% of adults have restful sleep after supplementing with Relora, even though Relora does not cause sedation in most individuals.

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Relora 250mg a new Natural Patent-Pending Herbal Supplement for Relief of Anxiety irritability, Tension, Stress, and Frustration: For Stress Related Eating and Subsequent Weight Gain

New and exciting Relora™ is an anti-anxiety and stress relief ingredient, which has been shown to help stressed individuals relax and regulate the hormones associated with stress-related weight gain. Relora™ is a safe natural anti-anxiety ingredient that has the added value of being non-sedating with potential anti-depressant.

Relora™ is a patent-pending proprietary blend of plant extracts from magnolia officinalis and phellodendron amurense, two major botanicals used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 1500 years. Anxiety is being shown to play a significant role in a wide variety of conditions and disease states. Anxiety is a significant contributor to excess body fat, immune dysfunction, cardiovascular disease and other age-related disorders.

Stress has been shown to play a significant role in a wide variety of conditions and diseases. Not only is Relora™ an excellent way to alleviate stress, and the health risks associated with stress, but it also appears to modulate the hormones that lead to stress-induced eating and subsequent weight gain. Recent work from the National Institute of Health (NIH) and other research centers has shown that stress is a significant contributor to immune dysfunction, cardio-vascular disease, other age related disorders, as well as excess body fat. This condition is related to stress induced hormone imbalances, especially Cortisol and DHEA, two hormones related to anxiety.

According to Dr. James Lavelle of the living longer wellness Clinic in Cincinnati, 20% of Americans have metabolic syndrome, a type of obesity often characterized by increased abdominal and facial fat that is also associated with increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and cancer. High Cortisol levels have been shown to be related to food cravings and over-eating in stressed individuals. Relora has been shown to reduce Cortisol levels by 37% and increase DHEA levels by 227%

Dr. Lavelle observes that most people feel a major difference within just four weeks of taking Relora, when combined with some simple steps:

a.) Reduce intake of dairy, wheat and refined carbohydrates.

b.) Skimping on red meat.

c.) Exercises-all forms of exercises reduce Metabolic Syndrome.

Relora is an effective ingredient that not only has been shown to relieve stress, but has also shown to significantly decrease Cortisol and increase DHEA in stressed individuals

Are you frustrated with trying to lose and manage your weight even though you are careful with your diet and you exercise regularly? Do you have low energy levels and just a general feeling of poor health?

Have you tried dieting and simply getting tired of moving from one diet to another only to see what little weight you have lost come back?

If you said “yes” to any of the above questions, then what you will gain with RELORA™ will revolutionize your entire way of thinking about dieting and weight control for the rest of your life!

Relora™ tackles the effects of stress head-on, enhancing mental, emotional, and physical vitality. And it can even help you shed those unwanted pounds!

Relora™ works with the body’s natural chemistry to maintain normal levels of stress hormones, hormones that not only affect your emotional well-being, but can also have a major impact on your appetite and how your body stores and metabolizes fat. By working to re-establish a stable balance of these hormones, Relora can help you break the stress/weight cycle and restore optimum health to mind and body.

With RELORA™, your stress eating will diminish and you will never have to diet ever again to manage and control your weight!

Stress and Fat

Chronic stress can cause cravings for cookies, candy, chips and other high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods. The stress-driven appetite for these foods leads to dangerous weight gain, primarily around the waist. 60 percent of American adults are overweight or obese, many due to stress-related food cravings. Over 20 percent of American adults are obese with a stress-related condition known as “metabolic syndrome.” This condition is characterized by a beer belly, high blood pressure, poor cholesterol readings and high blood sugar.

According to Dr. Pamela Peeke, a former scientist at the National Institutes of Health and associate clinical professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, people with an apple-shaped figure are at greater risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some types of cancer. “It’s not just what you weigh; it’s where you weigh it,” says Dr. Peeke, author of Fight Fat After Forty (Viking).

Until recently there were few known predictors of stress-induced eating. While most adults who have sugar/fat cravings under stress are aware of their out-of-control appetite, scientists have had difficulty in demonstrating actual cause and effect. Dr. Elissa Epel and colleagues at University of California, San Francisco have now clearly shown that individuals who are high reactors to the stress hormone called cortisol, consume more calories and more sweet foods under stress. Their recent study also demonstrated that greater food consumption occurred in high cortisol reactors when they were in a negative mood.

Relora™, a natural dietary supplement developed by Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Irvine California, was developed to improve mood, help stressed individuals relax, and to normalize the hormones related to stress-induced eating. 80 percent of stressed adults studied feel more relaxed with Relora. Relora has also been shown in a pilot study to normalize cortisol levels in stressed individuals. Preliminary findings suggest that Relora can decrease the cravings for high fat, high sugar foods in stressed individuals, most likely due to its ability to normalize stress hormone levels that cause these cravings. Works equally well with Male and females as a stress reducer and stress related weight control supplement.

¹Relora™ (Proprietary blend of patented pending plant extracts from magnolia officinalis and phellodendron amurense) 250 mg ¹ Relora™ is a trademark of Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Other Ingredients: Rice Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin and Water.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 to 3 capsules per day with water. Not for use by persons under the age of 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult a health practitioner prior to use. Do not exceed recommended dose. Excessive consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages.

An important breakthrough for anyone struggling to lose weight! RELORA is an natural diet formula that breaks the weight and stress connection to help you meet your fitness goals and feel great while you do it! With Relora, the revolutionary magnolia and phellodendron extract addresses one of the most difficult aspects of successful weight management: stress. High stress levels trigger the release of hormones that can not only increase appetite, but can also affect how the body stores and metabolizes fat. By working with the body’s natural chemistry to re-establish a normal balance of these hormones, Relora takes will-power and metabolism out of the diet equation, breaking the stress cycle that so often derails even the most well-designed fitness plans.